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WHAT IS houze la femme?

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Houze La Femme is a pioneering virtual empowerment group created by La Femme Consulting to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for transgender women and their partners.

 Houze La Femme aims to foster a strong sense of community, promote personal growth, and offer resources tailored to the unique experiences and challenges faced by transgender women, femme presenting individual and their partners.


Houze La Femme's mission is to create an empowering and affirming virtual space where transgender women and their partners can come together, share their stories, build connections, and access valuable resources. The initiative is committed to fostering personal development, self-acceptance, and mutual understanding within the transgender community and among partners.

 Community Building

Houze La Femme seeks to build a vibrant and supportive community by connecting transgender women and their partners from diverse backgrounds. This community will provide a sense of belonging and understanding, promoting unity and shared experiences.


The initiative aims to empower transgender women by offering them a platform to amplify their voices, share their journeys, and celebrate their identities. Through workshops, discussions, and guest speakers, participants will gain confidence and a stronger sense of self.

education and Resources

Houze La Femme recognizes the importance of providing accurate information and resources. The initiative plans to offer educational sessions on topics such as gender identity, healthcare, legal rights, and mental health, both for transgender women and their partners.

Partner support

Understanding the vital role that partners play, Houze La Femme will offer tailored support to partners of transgender women. Workshops, discussions, and resources will address the unique challenges partners may encounter and guide them in fostering healthy relationships.

Our Facilitators

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